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Welcome. Welcome to VBO Hub!

Seven years ago, I sought to start a company that embraced tomorrow’s workforce.  I wanted to work with independent business people, those who had made the proactive decision to tackle life on their terms. Some call them freelancers or independent contractors. I called them VBOs or Virtual Business Owners.

That little company is MarketSense (marketsense.com).  Today, seven years later, we have clients ranging from startups to billion-dollar companies.  We go up against the biggest digital marketing companies in the market and consistently outperform them — big time. I'm proud to say that to this day, we are a company made up entirely of Virtual Business Owners.

A little over a year ago, we launched VBO Nation.  We wanted to give back to our community. Since then, we’ve provided free resources to thousands of VBOs to help them launch their dreams and empower their lives.

Many of those we’ve helped have told us they want a VBO-friendly platform to help them get more business quickly and cost-effectively. To that end, we launched VBO Hub. 

It's an online marketplace designed to connect VBOs with companies that understand the value of remote assistance and the impact it can have on their bottom line.

It was created and is operated by VBOs 100%.  Our goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of millions of Virtual Business Owners.  Hopefully, that includes you.

We are here to support you. After all, we are you!  We're all Virtual Business Owners, and we want to help you grow and flourish.

Join us and take control over your life and your future!


Tom Poole
Founder & Fellow VBO