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What is VBO Hub?

VBO Hub is a marketplace that brings together Virtual Business Owners (Freelancers) with employers or clients.  VBO Hub was founded and created 100% by freelancers just like you.  We are here to support you, provide you with resources, and help you grow your business.

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Forever Free

This limited-time, invitation-only offer is a FREE listing on VBO Hub forever.  We are only providing this offer to a select group of proven VBOs/Freelancers.

VIP Service

You will be identified as a VIP and get our highest level of chat, email, and phone support. 


Promoted Listing

You will be promoted on VBO Hub as a leading freelancer.  Our account managers will suggest you to qualified clients.

I've earned over $900,000 in the last 10 years as a freelancer/VBO and cannot wait for VBO Hub to launch.  It was created by freelancers for freelancers.  This is the real deal.

Sam Bazzi, PPC Expert

You are in total control with VBO Hub.


You set your own terms and payment schedules. You keep every penny of what you make.


No more being forced to stay within the system.  Communicate with your clients the way you want.


Set alerts to get notified of top listings in your category. Build out your profile to attract the best clients.

Why the special FREE offer? 

You don't get two chances to make a first impression.  When we invite employers/clients to VBO Hub, we want them to be greeted by some of the best VBOs/Freelancers in the business.  You are one of the best in the business.  We want you to be a founding freelancer, and we are willing to "give away the farm" to make that happen.

What we are asking for...

  • 1
    You register as a Freelancer on VBO Hub.
  • 2
    You fill out your professional profile.
  • 3
    You complete it before the offer runs out (limited time).
  • 4
    You reap the benefits of this exclusive offer!

Tom Poole / Founder

Welcome!  My name is Tom Poole.  I'm the founder of VBO Hub and a Virtual Business Owner myself.  VBO Hub was created and is managed 100% by fellow VBOs.


I personally invited you to become a founding member and want to answer any additional questions you might have.  If you want, email or call me directly.

tom@vbohub.com  |  (425) 442-2244 (mobile)